Report Round up – July 1940


Between 0600 and 0900 hours a number of raids by single aircraft were carried out between Yarmouth and Flamborough Head and inland.

Bombs were dropped at several places including the Royal Engineer Headquarters at Melbourne in Derbyshire, and at Bridlington where a truck containing ammunition was blown up.

Although weather conditions were not good, a Do17 was intercepted by fighters and shot down off Cromer by No. 242 Squadron.

One of our Hurricanes was shot down during the combat but the pilot is reported safe. 

Off the East Coast between 2334 hours and 0117 hours a few raids approached Northumberland and Yorkshire and some were plotted inland. Bombs were dropped at Billingham and Thornaby.

During the day 8 raids were reported off the East Coast, two of which attacked convoys. No hits have been reported

A few raids also crossed the East coast and bombs were dropped in the Hull, Ipswich, Harrogate, Doncaster, Colchester and Harwich areas. No serious damage is reported. Reports of bombs which exploded in the air were received

Very little activity was reported off the East Coast. A few isolated enemy reconnaissances were made off Cromer, Skegness and Lowestoft areas, and over a convoy east of Harwich. Two squadrons were sent to investigate, but no contact was made.

6 to 8 raids crossed the coast between Newcastle and Flamborough Head, and proceeded to Liverpool Bay. These aircraft are suspected of minelaying. One raider dropped a bomb near Berwick.

Later, about 12 raids appeared between the Norfolk coast and the Tyne, 6 of which crossed the coastline and the remainder cruised around as though minelaying.

Isolated raids went over Leeds, Church Fenton, Tyneside, over Norfolk and Wiltshire.

Bombs are reported to have been dropped in Tyneside, near Derby, Driffield and Hornsea, but no serious damage has been so far reported. It is reported at 0520 hours that an unsuccessful attempt was made on a convoy off the Lincolnshire coast.

An HE did considerable damage to six houses in Willerby (East Yorkshire) at 0122 hours, and a signal arm on the railway was wrecked. The track was undamaged and four slight casualties resulted.

During the early morning, an attack was made on a convoy off Spurn Point.

This raid was intercepted and the He111s are claimed as probable casualties. Another attack was made on this convoy in the evening but no damage is reported.